The little demon that couldn’t

I may have been demon possessed for a couple of weeks, that started about six months before I died.  ALL of my caregivers thought so.  And they may have been right.  They even asked a Catholic priest to come and bless my home, but he was too busy to come – said he had about two months worth of similar requests ahead of me.  So the caregivers took matters into their own hands, sprinkled holy water, and prayed me back to sanity.  

I had religious objects in the room – a manger scene, a bust of Mary I had brought back from a trip to Israel, angels, and other items.  One day I instructed a caregiver to remove all of the items.  One by one I pointed them out to her, and told her to get rid of them.  I didn’t want to see them.  

After that, I started refusing to wear my oxygen much of the time – which caused my O2 levels to plummet, sometimes to the high 70s%.  Anything below 90% is dangerous.  It became an hourly struggle for my caregivers to talk me into wearing oxygen.  

I also refused a lot of my medications, and the diabetic injections, and sometimes food and water.  I appeared to be in self-destruct mode.  And when I was asked why I was refusing things, I usually said, “They told me not to.”  Who “they” were was never clear – but whoever “they” were, they didn’t seem to want me to alive and well.  And they also made me want to hurt others.  I took a pretty good chunk out of Janet’s chin with my fingernails (which I refused to have trimmed) when she walked to my chair to greet me one day.

I was definitely a danger to myself and others at that point in time.  God bless the caregivers who hung in there with me through thick and thin, sprinkling holy water, and praying over me.  As that seemed the only remedy to drive out whatever evil had seemingly inhabited me.  

One caregiver in particular would not back down from whatever spirit had taken up residence in my head.  She wasn’t even a Christian at the time, and had to look up the Lord’s Prayer on her phone to recite it – but she was determined to free me from whatever it was – whatever or whomever had every one of my caregivers convinced of its presence.

It sounds a little crazy, I know.  Yet it caused a temporary insanity in me that was only removed by holy water and the prayers repeated by those girls.  It took them a couple of weeks to exercise it (sans any help from the Catholic priest), but they did.  And once it left, it never returned.  

I don’t know if you believe in evil spirits or demons, but that seemed the only explanation for my vile and hateful demeanor. 

The video below is the only one saved during that period.  I had removed my oxygen moments before, and was spewing obscenities at my caregiver.  The poor girl was sick, though I didn’t know it, and I was telling her how she was going to die.  Whenever I was like that, I picked on the caregivers’ vulnerabilities – even though I had no real way of knowing about them.  And many of them quit working with me because my accuracy of knowing things about them, brought many of them to tears, and was simply too much for them to take.  And I honestly knew nothing about their private lives – except during these spells where I seemed possessed.  

The caregiver in the video recognized and felt an evil presence with me.  Just prior to my acting out, there was a cool breeze that swept through the room – which all of the caregivers attested to during their times with me.  But rather than back down in tears from my lashing out at her, she spoke directly to what she believed (what they all believed) to be a demon.  After the video ended, I finally calmed down, was sweet again, and remembered nothing about the episode.  

The incidents finally stopped, and never started again.  Those caregivers likely saved me from a worse fate through their prayers and water sprinkling.  If I had been taken to a doctor about it, the likely treatment would have been antipsychotic sedation, which probably would have caused even more problems.  

If demon possession is for real, it makes sense that they might inhabit the vulnerable elderly, especially those with dementia – easy prey.  But I had a group of caregivers who refused to give in to it, finally driving away whatever had such a wicked grip on me.  It took a couple of weeks, but they did it.  Praise God for them!

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