The moment of death need not be feared

The thought of dying used to frighten me. It wasn’t about the afterlife – I knew where I was going.  It was the transition moment between life and death that I feared. Like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. I was afraid that it might be painfully overwhelming. Perhaps maddening. And the closer I came to the event, the more fearful I became of that moment of total breathlessness. But then something happened to erase my phobic apprehension.

I had a near-death experience 30 days before I actually died.

The hospital accidentally overdosed me on sedation medications. They called Janet to let her know, and then worked on me for about an hour to revive and stabilize me.

During that time, I was taken away from my body by three angels who showed me everything that was to come. Basically a dry run of my death. And you know, I was no longer afraid of that moment. During the experience, I wasn’t even aware of any physical pain or discomfort. Only the angels, their message, and the brief journey.

I was very excited and happy to tell Janet about it.

Unfortunately she didn’t think to video that part of our conversation. But I couldn’t wait to share the experience – especially with her. She finally turned on her phone camera to capture a small portion of it.  She asked me to talk to my other daughter and grandson. That’s what the video below is about. And yet I became too distracted to stay on track about it for very long.

Interestingly, Janet had no idea that I was describing my future death. She didn’t really know what I was talking about at the time.

But after I died, my grandson found the video on her phone, and when they watched it, they both realized I was describing my actual moment of death during my near-death experience.

Janet realized something with regard to one part of the video.

The part where I’m talking about how she cared enough about me to get placed close to me, I paused to look down at my shoulder – like I was sensing Janet being there. She didn’t notice that until after I died. But the morning that I actually passed, Janet was holding me, and had her head there on my shoulder. Keep in mind this video was captured 30 days beforehand. So I was remembering from my dream – the future.

One month later, when I actually died, I was no longer afraid of the process as I had already experienced it in my dream.  There were three doctors and two nurses present. They were all very surprised for how gently I passed because with both chest and lungs completely filled with fluid, and my heart monitor displaying numerous alarms due to multiple cardiac events – the moment could have easily been traumatic and painful.

But it was not. Even my final breath was an easy one. It was as if I simply closed my eyes and went to sleep.

The moment I had previously feared so much was more peaceful and easy than I could’ve imagined.

The doctors told Janet they had never before seen such an easy death in someone with the physical issues that I had.

It was a Catholic hospital. The doctors and nurses stood around my bed with their arms outstretched over and above my body, praying for me silently as I passed, and several minutes afterwards.

Obviously I cannot tell you what occurred soon after I died during my journey to heaven, as Janet is writing this, and that would be pure conjecture on her part to write about something she did not see. But perhaps I already described it in the above video that followed the dream where I experienced that future moment.

I guess the whole reason I’m telling you about this is to assure you that the actual moment of death is not an awful experience. But rather a wonderful one that leads from this life, refreshed, to eternity.

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