I used to sing like this


I was a mezzo soprano in my younger days, and was asked to sing for numerous churches, organizations, weddings, funerals, etc.  Sadly there are no recordings, else I’d share one with you, now.  The only videos are of me singing “Amazing Grace” when I was 89 and 90 . . . long after my voice had gone.  In fact I stopped singing much younger than that when I felt I’d lost my voice.  It was only through Janet’s urging that I finally started to sing again at 89 years old.  Perhaps I was finally old enough that I didn’t care how I sounded anymore.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Opera Babes, but I learned about them when my daughter, Cathy, brought me one of their CDs.  She was taken aback at how much they sounded like me.  And I felt as though I was indeed singing as I listened to the CD.

So just in case you are curious about what my younger singing voice sounded like, here is a sample.  It is the Opera Babes singing “There’s a Place.”  And I’m pretty sure they were singing about heaven.   Enjoy 😉

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