An antibiotic called Macrobid caused my death.

My name is Shirley Ann Snow. I died December 22, 2016 from adverse effects of a drug called Nitrofurantoin (Macrobid) that was given to me about two weeks before I took my last breath.

I was in stage III kidney disease.  The facility doctor knew this when he ordered this medication for me.

Use of Macrobid is not advised for patients with impaired renal (kidney) function, as shown in the Macrobid contraindications section below.

Below are the drug warnings as shown on the FDA  Macrobid label.  It clearly indicates potential as a contributing cause of death.

The damage had been done.

Two weeks later, my entire chest cavity and lungs filled with fluid.  I had overall organ failure.  My heart went haywire, and I died.  Below is the portion of my death certificate that shows my causes of death.

Can’t sue the pharmaceutical

My daughter, Janet, wanted to sue the drug company.  Her attorney did some research, and found that the drug company was protected from lawsuits because they had clearly labeled the drug with warnings that it could cause life-threatening lung damage.  

Can’t sue the doctor

Janet then asked the attorney about suing the doctor for giving me the drug.  She was told the doctor is protected because he need only say that he believed the benefits would outweigh the risks.  But they did not.  Because sadly, I died.  That was not a benefit.

Before I took Macrobid, I was in  pretty good shape.

Janet took the picture and video of me (below) less than two weeks before I died.  You can see that I looked pretty healthy here.  I had just finished playing bingo at the wonderful facility where I lived.  I played two cards that day, and was looking forward to playing the next week.  I was also looking forward to the holiday Ugly Sweater Contest the next week.  Janet bought us sweaters to wear – even one for Kitty Cat.  I was looking forward to Christmas.

Macrobid side effects (edema) began a few days after starting it

I had already taken several days of the antibiotic. My legs were beginning to swell.  But I didn’t start feeling bad until the night I was taken to the hospital.  Then I began to get a little short of breath, and something was beating hard in my chest.  I told Janet that maybe I should go to the hospital – which must have shocked her because I hated going to the hospital.  This time felt different, though. Like something serious was going on inside my chest.  

The night I went to the hospital.

The video below is from the Nest Cam in my room at the memory care facility.  It is of me telling Janet something was wrong, and that she needed to get me to the hospital.  You may need to turn up the volume to hear it.

She transported me to the ER.  They found fluid in my lungs. 

Somehow I knew.

I asked if I was going to die.  Janet assured me I was not – but it was like somehow I knew that I was.  I ate the whole Jumbo Jack sandwich Janet brought me because I had the feeling that once those doctors started to work on me, I might not have another chance to eat.  That was quite a feat since my appetite was very low.

I made Janet promise me that if I died, she would make sure to take care my beloved “Kitty Cat.”  It was not a real cat.  It was a very beautiful plush toy.  But I thought it was real because I had dementia.

They tried, but couldn’t save me.

The fluid continued to fill my lungs and around my heart for the next several days.

They eventually told Janet there was nothing they could do to save me.  She was so upset.  I remember her speaking sharply to the lung doctor.  But she did her best to comfort me.  She and my grandson, Douglas, were with me the whole time.  I felt bad for them because they wanted me to get better, and were angry with the pharmaceutical company and doctor who gave me the pills.

But this was not the only pill that killed me.  There were other pills that destroyed me at a much slower rate, causing total body/mind annihilation over five years.  I didn’t realize all that at the time.  Neither did Janet.  I’m ok now, of course.  I am in heaven. 

Beware of doctors bearing pills.

I want to talk with you about the other prescription drugs I had been given over the course of my life – the direct and indirect  effects that ultimately led to my demise.  I do not want the same thing to happen to you.


Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin) label insert:

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