Ask Lily Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

“Ask Lily” is a COPPA & GDPR Compliant app that respects your privacy.

“Ask Lily” is designed especially for children, with special attention to online privacy.

“Ask Lily” is 100% COPPA & GDPR compliant:

⁃ Does not collect any personal information

⁃ Does not collect location data

⁃ Does not have third party advertisements

⁃ Does not contain out of app links

The term “personal information” refers to personally identifiable information through which a user can be identified as an individual. The term “Non-personal information” refers to information that does not directly identify a user.

Collection and Use of Personal Information via “Ask Lily”: 

“Ask Lily” does not collect any personal information through the app. Simple as that.

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information via our apps: 

“Ask Lily” does not collect non-personal information, and does not use tools or third-party analytical software to gather or analyze non-personal information.

“Ask Lily” does not display third-party advertising.

Push notifications and Location Data

“Ask Lily” does not use push notifications and does not collect location data.