About Janet Ng

Janet Ng received her masters degree in Social Psychology and bachelors degree in Psychological Science from Ball State University.  She also received an associate degree in Addictions Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University.  

Janet worked at The Council on Alcohol and Drugs in Houston, TX for twelve years as both a chemical dependency counselor and program coordinator.  She then worked four years at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Behavioral Health department in Houston, TX as a programmer analyst.  After that she worked two years at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, TN as a senior data analyst for the hospital’s Performance Management and Improvement program.

She left Nashville, and moved to San Antonio, TX to help her mom and step-dad when their health began to fail, where she worked four years as a senior business intelligence analyst at WellMed/United Health Group. 

Janet wrote and published a short novel, titled “Water for Wood,” available on Amazon, that looks at how Feng shui can be used to enhance caregiver-patient relationships.  

She helped her mom and step-dad, coordinating their care, and managing their household, medical and personal business for four years.  Her step-dad passed away early on, and she continued to walk the journey alongside her mom, doing all that she knew to help her mother through her battle with dementia and physical illness  

She spent a great deal of time conferencing with practitioners, and researching whatever she could find on her mom’s dementia and medical conditions in order to provide her the best care possible.  

Janet is currently retired, and continues to research the topic of dementia to better understand what went right and wrong in her mother’s care that might help others walking similar paths.  

Janet chose to write this blog through her mother’s voice to bring the reader closer to to what her mom went through during her struggles and triumphs over dementia.


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