Foods That Heal

Did you know that pineapple helps with arthritis? That pistachios help to lower blood pressure? Walnuts are good for bursitis? And cherries fight against cancer? Yes, that’s right. There are healing foods for just about every condition or illness out there.

Blueberries and Walnuts

Janet used to bring walnuts and blueberries for my cereal because they help to heal poor memory and dementia. She told the chef at the memory care facility about blueberries, and he started incorporating them into our meals. I think they helped. My memory and cognitive functioning were definitely starting to improve.

Avocado cravings

There were times when I really craved avocados, and ate them several times a day. I didn’t realize it then, but avocados help to heal abdominal pain, anxiety, diabetes, and dementia – all of which I had. My body was telling my brain what it needed.

And I craved milk.

A few months before I died, I had a similar craving for milk. Come to find out, milk has healing properties for anemia, cellulitis, and diabetes – again, all of which I was suffering – especially anemia. I was drinking several glasses of milk per day. The cellulitis completely healed during that time – even though I wasn’t trying to cure it. I didn’t even know milk was related to cellulitis.

Healing Foods Report

Janet created a searchable database that contains lots and lots of conditions and illnesses, along with foods that can help heal these issues. The database also shows what foods may aggravate, or make worse, each of the conditions.

You can use it to search conditions or illnesses, along with healing foods for each issue. You can search it by issue or by food. For example, you can choose an illness, and find out what foods may be helpful. Or you can type in a food (eg., apple), and find out all the issues apples help.

Healing Foods

To find the page from anywhere on the blog, open the menu, and choose “Healing Foods.” Or simply use the link above to go directly to the page.

Janet got the healing food data from various websites like WebMD, Cleveland Clinic,, LiveStrong, Dr. Axe, AARP, HealthLine, and other similar sites. She has simplified things by doing all the time-consuming google search legwork for you.

So if you’re looking to begin “healing thyself” with nutrition, have a look.

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